How to Make Your Own Neopets Halloween Costume

Learn how to make your own Neopet costume, using your own favorite parts of the Neopoints.Here are some of the highlights: Costume Basics – A simple costume requires no supplies and a few hours of time to make.You can purchase the necessary materials, like paper or paperboard, at the costume shop.If you’re not sure how […]

‘Kumbhakarna’ actor who won’t return to Mumbai for another 10 years says he’s ‘shocked’ by reports

Kumbhakaras, who has been on tour in the United States and India for the past 10 years, said that his family is “disappointed” by reports that he will be returning to Mumbai in the near future.He was recently seen with a woman who was reportedly present at his wedding in California last month.The actress and […]

How to take down the Donald Trump mask

Washington, D.C. — On Tuesday night, the Donald J. Trump mask is back in the spotlight after he reportedly refused to remove it after a woman called the police.The mask is the subject of an online petition and several other petitions that have been circulating in the wake of the violent protests that erupted in […]

The real story behind the Munster performing art group

VUCCI, the Munsters’ touring troupe, is one of the best performing arts groups in the country.Its three members—Jarrett Lee, Josh McAlpine and Jason Wachter—have all made the leap to the international stage.All three graduated from the University of New Orleans.VUCCi is one-of-a-kind and has never been staged anywhere else.The group is the only troupe in […]

Why you should go for a photoshoot with a ‘wild, untamed’ animal

People don’t like to talk about wildlife or animals.The term “wild” or “wildlife” comes up more frequently than people do.And the term “untamed” comes to mind too often.But if you’re a photographer, it’s important to remember that wildlife and wildlife-related imagery are incredibly common.And, in fact, some wildlife photographers are doing quite a good job […]

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