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How to find the perfect performance arts pharmacy for your next event

HENDERSONVILLE, N.C. — If you’re going to make your next performance art performance at a public venue, you’ll want to know how to properly handle your instruments, dress and equipment.And you’ll also want to understand what it takes to stay safe.Here are 10 tips to help you get the most out of your next big […]

How to turn your old laptop into a home theater (and more)

A lot of the technology you see in the world today comes from the web.But as tech companies are finding out the hard way, that doesn’t always work out well for the end users.That’s why many businesses want to find ways to keep their data secure while still being able to move data between devices.A […]

Which music artist is best known for her or his work?

Inwood, a British singer, songwriter and guitarist, has made a name for herself in the popular country-pop genre.Inwood has performed in numerous music festivals around the world, including Britney Spears’ Britney Day Festival, and recently performed with country music stars The Revival.She is currently working on her first solo album.“I think I have really done […]

JDL performs on Broadway with local band, ‘The Chasing of the Sun’

JDL performed on Broadway last week, performing a number of new songs, including “The Chating of the Stars” and “The Lying Machine,” and also sharing a stage with local jazz band, The Chasing the Sun.The show also featured local artist, Michael Williams, who has been a longtime fan of JDL’s work.”JDL is a very important […]

N.P.A. player is not on NFL’s ‘bench’ for officiating, league says

The NFL has decided to keep an eye on N.F.L. player Brian Robison, who is not eligible to play for the league, and his performance in Sunday’s win over the Miami Dolphins, league spokesman Greg Aiello said.Robison was a reserve, and the league announced that he was suspended for three games and fined $25,000 for […]

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