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How to Get the Best of ‘The Voice’ in Raleigh performing arts

On Thursday, May 25, the world’s leading live music venue will be hosting its 10th annual “The Voice” concert.It’s been in Raleigh, North Carolina since 1992, and it’s been home to some of the most popular live music acts in the world, including Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and more.In the past 10 years, […]


When a reporter asked the actor about her upcoming film, The Wrestler, she said, “I have been writing a screenplay about the history of the Olympics and how the Games have been mismanaged.And I was thinking about this because I am a fan of the idea of how the games have been abused.The IOC has […]

A new way to improve performance in rural communities

A group of researchers have created a new method for improving performance in remote communities. The researchers say the new technique works better than existing techniques and has the potential to provide new opportunities for rural communities.The research is the latest in a series of papers published this week by the Centre for Global Governance Innovation.The […]

NFL Players, environmental groups demand NFL action on COVID-19

The NFL Players Association, environmental advocacy groups and a group of U.S. Senators say they’re asking the league to implement a ban on outdoor activities like concerts and games on a case-by-case basis.In a letter to the league’s CEO, the union, the AFL-CIO, the National Football League Players Association and the United Food and Commercial […]

California’s state capitol is about to host the world’s first ever open mic night for women

CAIRO, Egypt (Reuters) – A new opening night of performances for women in Egypt is set to begin on Monday and the country is set on the path to becoming a hub for female talent, as the first-ever female-led opening night is being staged in the country’s capital.A group of more than 1,000 women from […]

Why the Vibe’s Tamu, Samoas & Cuddle Party at the B&B Festival is so good

The Vibe is always looking for new and creative things to bring to our festivals, and this year we’re excited to announce our first event to celebrate the birth of our newest member, Tamu!Tamu is an adorable kitty who’s perfect for couples who love the comfort of a family-friendly venue.It’s the perfect way to start […]

When Japanese and Chinese performers play together at a Beijing show

The Japanese and the Chinese perform together in this Chinese-Japanese theater, and it’s an event that draws a lot of attention from tourists.This year, the event will be staged in Beijing, with Japanese actors portraying characters from both countries.The Chinese, of course, will be the ones who come out to see it, as they did […]

New research shows naked performances are more effective at increasing self-esteem and wellbeing

Nude performances, also known as “bare-to-the-bone” or “bare and slow,” are gaining popularity around the world and have been proven to boost self-worth and wellbeing, a new study has found.Key points:A study by psychologists from the University of Sydney found that performing naked is more effective in boosting self-confidence and improving self-image than a more […]

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