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‘Loyal’ stockton’s ‘Luv’ performing arts festival is to return for second year

Stockton’s “Luv” performing arts Festival will return for its second year on February 10.The annual festival, which is free to attend, will feature a number of new and popular performances from local and international artists.The festival will take place on the shores of the Los Angeles River, where a number popular events such as the […]

California’s state capitol is about to host the world’s first ever open mic night for women

CAIRO, Egypt (Reuters) – A new opening night of performances for women in Egypt is set to begin on Monday and the country is set on the path to becoming a hub for female talent, as the first-ever female-led opening night is being staged in the country’s capital.A group of more than 1,000 women from […]

When Japanese and Chinese performers play together at a Beijing show

The Japanese and the Chinese perform together in this Chinese-Japanese theater, and it’s an event that draws a lot of attention from tourists.This year, the event will be staged in Beijing, with Japanese actors portraying characters from both countries.The Chinese, of course, will be the ones who come out to see it, as they did […]

A new pop art collection opens in the West

New York City’s latest pop art gallery, “Polaroid,” opened in mid-March and is scheduled to open in July.“Policeman,” by Japanese artist Mitsuru Takayama, opened last fall in London’s Tate Modern.“Cinema,” by Danish artist Lars Andersen, opened in Los Angeles last fall.The new galleries are not directly linked to each other, but instead they are all […]

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