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How to Get the Ultimate Fighting Game Experience on Nintendo Switch

Posted November 16, 2018 04:10:10 If you have a Nintendo Switch, you might have already downloaded the Ultimate Fighter Pro Ultimate Edition.That includes everything that’s in the Ultimate Edition for Switch, including the new Ultimate Fighter game mode, Ultimate Fighting Evolution, and the Ultimate Box (a box that holds all of the fighters and other […]

JDL performs on Broadway with local band, ‘The Chasing of the Sun’

JDL performed on Broadway last week, performing a number of new songs, including “The Chating of the Stars” and “The Lying Machine,” and also sharing a stage with local jazz band, The Chasing the Sun.The show also featured local artist, Michael Williams, who has been a longtime fan of JDL’s work.”JDL is a very important […]

“It’s like an old man who died” – an emotional moment with performing arts medicine’s Chris Brown

“It was like an older man who was dying,” Brown told Rolling Stone about the last time he was on stage.“You just want to cry.”For Brown, that was the day he decided to quit performing arts.He had grown tired of being stuck in a world where “you’re either playing a part, or you’re not.”Brown had […]

How to become an alt-rocker

The Lad is an alt rock band from Texas that has been around for over 15 years and released three albums, a series of videos, and a movie.The group was formed in 1999 in Austin, Texas and has since played venues across the United States and internationally.The group’s song “The Long and the Short” has […]

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