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How to make a $5 ticket for an Austin performance

Austin, Texas – The city’s first full-fledged Broadway festival opened in 2017, but not everyone was thrilled.Now, as a new version of the festival rolls out, we’re hearing the first word of discontent.According to an Austin City Council report, the festival’s “quality control department found that the festival organizers had failed to adequately follow their […]

A musical Christmas, but a lot more than that

It’s a Christmas Eve show in Marshalls, North Carolina, and the audience is all dressed in black.They are a group of black people, all dressed up in the same outfits, some of them with masks, some without.A man and a woman are in black, and another woman is in red.They have all been performing together […]

“It’s like an old man who died” – an emotional moment with performing arts medicine’s Chris Brown

“It was like an older man who was dying,” Brown told Rolling Stone about the last time he was on stage.“You just want to cry.”For Brown, that was the day he decided to quit performing arts.He had grown tired of being stuck in a world where “you’re either playing a part, or you’re not.”Brown had […]

The best way to get an artist to do a performance is to talk to them first

Evansville, Indiana’s performing arts center Evansville’s Paddy’s Place is one of the last remaining venues left in the city, a few blocks away from a high school.The venue opened in 1959 and was named for the founder of the restaurant business.Paddys Place is the only venue in the entire city that has not closed.That’s largely […]

When you see the man who started this, you will not see a man who wants to fight back

On Saturday, an event in the city of Evansville, Tennessee, was meant to honor two African American men who were murdered in recent years.The event was billed as “Black Lives Matter: Unity at the Crossroads.”But instead, it became a show of force against what it deemed a “white supremacy” agenda that sought to silence dissent […]

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