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How a ‘bride-price’ bridal gown was inspired by a wedding

A bridal wedding costs thousands of pounds and takes months to prepare.The gowns are usually handmade by hand and are usually a bit pricier than a dress from a designer.But how did this one get its name?And what’s it made of?In 2014, a pair of bridesmaids from the British Broadcasting Corporation’s The Late Late Show […]

How to find the best local performing arts program for your student

If you want to find a performing arts school near you, CBC News is here to help.CBC’s Searching for Performers program provides the best performing arts programs across Canada to students, alumni and their families.CBC News’ Spotlight on British Canadian Theatre, The Royal Shakespeare Company and The Royal Opera house are just a few of […]

When Braidhurst performs, the audience is mesmerized

The audience is hypnotized when Braidurst performs on a stage in the center of New York City.The performance was originally scheduled to be in New York but was moved to San Francisco because of the earthquake.But when Bressy’s performances in California and New York were canceled, her fans turned to Braiders performance in San Francisco.Now, […]

Momentum Festival for Boston to Benefit ‘Braidhurst’ in the First Quarter of 2019

Boston has announced the launch of the first quarter of 2019, when the Braidhurst Festival is set to kick off.The festival will feature some of the best in the city performing live, including The Black Mambo, The Hooters Band, and a performance by The Black Lips.The Braidurst Festival will feature performances by The Hooter Band, […]

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