Year: 2021

Why the Vibe’s Tamu, Samoas & Cuddle Party at the B&B Festival is so good

The Vibe is always looking for new and creative things to bring to our festivals, and this year we’re excited to announce our first event to celebrate the birth of our newest member, Tamu!Tamu is an adorable kitty who’s perfect for couples who love the comfort of a family-friendly venue.It’s the perfect way to start […]

How to Stop Drinking and Dying in New York: A Guide to Drinking and Getting Better

I just spent a couple of hours with New York City’s new mayor, Andrew Cuomo, in the middle of the most terrifying city on Earth.Cuomo was sworn in as the new mayor on Thursday, replacing the longtime mayor, Michael Bloomberg.Cuomo took office on April 13, just two weeks after he was sworn-in.He’s been widely criticized […]

When the Trump administration shuts off access to the internet: Students rally to keep the doors open to the arts

WASHINGTON — Hundreds of students at a Washington performing arts college chanted “We’re not going away” in a demonstration outside the college’s front door on Friday to urge students to continue their education.The students gathered outside the College of the Arts, where they were joined by dozens of students from the performing arts department.They chanted […]

What’s new in the field of music?

A new field of research is looking into what makes some music genres sound better than others.And it’s the result of a long-term collaboration between the Centre for Music Theory at the University of Exeter and the University College London.The team of researchers from the UK and the UCL have used computer models to try […]

When Japanese and Chinese performers play together at a Beijing show

The Japanese and the Chinese perform together in this Chinese-Japanese theater, and it’s an event that draws a lot of attention from tourists.This year, the event will be staged in Beijing, with Japanese actors portraying characters from both countries.The Chinese, of course, will be the ones who come out to see it, as they did […]

New research shows naked performances are more effective at increasing self-esteem and wellbeing

Nude performances, also known as “bare-to-the-bone” or “bare and slow,” are gaining popularity around the world and have been proven to boost self-worth and wellbeing, a new study has found.Key points:A study by psychologists from the University of Sydney found that performing naked is more effective in boosting self-confidence and improving self-image than a more […]

How to Make the World’s Most Beautiful Hull

Hulls are one of the most famous works of art in the world, but their delicate artistry is also at the heart of their conservation status.Now, researchers are developing an innovative way to turn them into interactive art installations.They say they’re not just saving the hulls but making them more accessible for audiences.In an effort […]

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