The 10 Best Music Videos from 2017

The 10 best music videos from 2017.


Drake, “Praying” (2017) The Drake and Future collaborations with Rihanna, Big Sean and Tyga are a lot of fun.

If you like rap music, you’re going to love this.


Kendrick Lamar, “Control” (2016) I’m not a big Kendrick Lamar fan, but “Control,” from his forthcoming album DAMN.

is a must-see.

Kendrick is also the first rapper to break out of the mold of hip-hop superstars with his verse about how he’s not “that guy who can’t keep up” and how he “hasn’t been on top of his game.” 3.

Beyoncé, “Famous” (2015) Beyoncé’s “Formation” and “Lemonade” are both among my favorite tracks on her debut album, Lemonade.

But her third album, 4, is also one of my favorite.

Beyonce’s performance here is so smooth, and I love the way she balances her songwriting with her acting.


Kendrick, “All Eyez On Me” (2014) The best Kendrick Lamar album has always been “King Kunta” and now he has an album of his own.

“All Eyes On Me,” from Kendrick’s 2014 album, “The Blacker the Berry,” is a perfect showcase of his talents as a rapper.


Rihanna and Drake,, “Runaway” (2018) Rihanna is one of the best singers in the game.

Drake is also a legend in hip-hip-hip music, and he delivers a brilliant performance.


Rih, “Rude” (2009) Rih and Drake deliver one of their most entertaining performances in a long time.


Lil Wayne, “Love The Way You Lie” (2008) Lil Wayne’s “Love” is a song I’ve been dying to hear for years, and “Rudy” is the perfect tribute to the late Wayne.


Tyga, “Tha Carter V” (1999) This is one Tyga album I’m so glad I never bought.

This is the only album that I would pay money for, even if I had to pay the equivalent of a car loan.


Drake & Beyonce, “4:44” (2012) The only time I’ve ever bought this song, I got it on iTunes.


Drake feat.

Wiz Khalifa, “Livin’,” (2017/2018) Drake & Wiz Khalif’s collaboration is one the best things about this album.

It’s not just an album about Drake & Tyga together.

It was also the perfect showcase for the duo’s chemistry and their music.

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