Actress Amy Poehler opens up about her career in comedy

The Amy Poehlens of the world have always been good friends, but that friendship has never been stronger than it is now.

She was just in the middle of a one-woman act that earned her a Golden Globe nomination for her work in “The Office,” which she co-created and starred in with the likes of Scott Baio, John Slattery and Andy Samberg.

So, when she decided to step away from “The Tonight Show” and focus on her own career, her fans were ecstatic.

She is now set to star in a comedy about the rise of “The Simpsons” in a show about a group of misfits and misfits who are forced to grow up together.

She will play the title character, Moe Simpson, who has to adjust to life as a dad, an office manager and a single mother.

The first episode of the comedy, “Moe’s Mom,” premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m.

ET on ABC.

Amy Poehrl will play Marge Simpson, the mother of Homer, who is always the butt of jokes and the main focus of jokes.

Moe is the most awkward, goofy character in all of TV.

His awkwardness and self-consciousness make him a target for his fellow misfits.

It’s his life story that’s the show’s point of view.

His parents, Lisa and Homer, are the main characters.

It was the show that made me realize how much of my childhood I would never grow up to be.

I grew up with these characters and it was just like, wow.

I was always going to be Moe.

I’m a huge fan of “Friends,” and so I’m really happy to have a voice like Amy Poehn is having on “Moes Mom,” which I’ve always admired and loved.

I’ve known her for so long.

I’m very excited about what she’s doing.

The story will be about two misfits: the mom and the kid.

Moe is a really smart, funny character.

His mom is very smart and funny, but she also has this very serious side to her.

She’s trying to help the kids and the misfits, but her humor is not for everyone.

She has to learn to be a better parent.

She also wants to be better for her kids.

The other kid, Marge, is a much less intelligent, less well-adjusted character.

She wants to do what everyone wants to, which is get rich.

She just wants to have fun.

I wanted to do a show that had that sense of humor, but it also had that sadness, which I was really excited about.

It also had a lot of sadness and a lot about love, which were things I’m always interested in.

It has some dark themes.

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