How to tell if your performance is Indigenous or not

If your performance looks like an Indigenous performance or if you don’t look like one, you are not Indigenous and can’t be a performer.

In fact, performing arts are a form of art in which indigenous peoples have been performing for hundreds of years.

Indigenous performers use traditional skills and techniques to make art.

The Indigenous Arts Council of Australia (IAACA) has released a list of common cultural practices and practices that are not considered Indigenous by the Australian government, such as dances and singing, dance-like performances, musical instruments, singing and the use of indigenous language and language skills.

The ABC has spoken to a number of Indigenous performers who say they feel excluded from the Australian mainstream.

“You know what?

I’ve seen people who are not white in their own country,” one performer told the ABC.”

They don’t feel welcome and it’s because they don’t fit the stereotype that they’re Indigenous.

I think the Indigenous community, I think they’re very diverse in terms of their culture, their language, their heritage, their spirituality, their faith and the way they interact with each other,” said another performer.”

We’re not just a bunch of white people dancing in a bar, we’re not that, we’ve had different cultures for generations, but you can’t just say ‘okay we’re going to put people in this place, this way, and this way’.”

The Indigenous arts community is often overlooked by the mainstream and has often been stigmatised by the government.

While the Indigenous arts sector is thriving, many of its members feel like they are invisible in Australia.

“When you come to the theatre, you go into it and you’re a part of it, and it feels like you’re an extension of it,” another performer said.

“But when you walk out of it it feels, you know, there’s no way of knowing what you’re seeing, because you’re not part of that culture and you don’s.”

I don’t know how many people who go to see [the Indigenous arts] in a theatre can actually be part of the Indigenous cultural scene.

It’s so big.

It doesn’t exist.

“One of the biggest challenges for Indigenous performers is to find opportunities to showcase their work in a way that’s welcoming and inclusive.”

It’s important to do things that feel like a performance and that feel meaningful and that don’t seem to be the same way that a performance can be used to promote a social cause,” said one performer.

The IACA is now launching an Indigenous Theatre Project in the ACT, with a goal to be able to identify performance artists in a community and provide them with funding and opportunities.

In the ACT alone, Indigenous theatre is worth an estimated $7 billion a year.

But not everyone agrees that the state of the ACT is good for the industry.”

There are people who believe that ACT is not a good place to go to, and they feel that it’s not safe for their children to be exposed to,” one Indigenous performer told News24.”

And so I think the next step is to start to push for more diversity, to be more inclusive.”ABC Indigenous’s Aboriginal Theatre Week: Listen to this week’s podcast to hear from Indigenous theatre industry professionals.

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