How to take on a Nazareth performance

NAZARETH, Israel —  It’s a Sunday morning in Nazaria, the capital of the Galilee region, and the street is packed with young men, most of them students, who are waiting for a performance.

They arrive with flags, tambourines and banners reading “No to the Holocaust” and “The land is ours.”

Nazzareth is one of the most ethnically and religiously diverse communities in the region, but the majority of the population lives in the towns of Jaffa and Nazareth.

It is a town that was the center of the uprising against the Ottoman Empire, which led to the creation of Israel.

Today, the town is home to a vibrant nightlife, cafes and bars that cater to the Arab and Muslim communities.

When I ask young people what they want to achieve, they all have one thing in common.

“We want to bring the whole world to know our religion,” says one young man, Abu Hamid.

It is not only the young men who are keen to express their patriotism and solidarity.

Some are taking to the streets to protest against the violence of the Israeli military.

“The soldiers have taken the lives of a few Palestinian children and they are not doing anything.

The government has to make the decision,” says a young woman, Fadel.

The young men I meet here in Nazzarestah are among the most devout and dedicated citizens of the town.

They are proud to be members of an Arab community that has been persecuted for decades, but they are also committed to their religious beliefs.

I am surprised to hear that the local government has yet to act against the killing of two Palestinian children.

I think that if we didn’t want to do anything, we would not do anything.

Many people I speak to are also concerned about the violence against Palestinians in Israel.

Some say that this is the result of the lack of security, the lack or lack of political will.

Some of the young people I talk to want to create an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank, a territory that is considered part of Israel but which has been under Israeli control for decades.

Others say that they are tired of the oppression and injustice that they see all around them.

As the day draws closer, I am struck by the similarities between the lives in Nazaareh and in other parts of the region.

Both are ethnically diverse and have a rich cultural heritage.

Both have been subjected to a military occupation and occupation that has created an atmosphere of oppression and exclusion for many Palestinians.

One young man I spoke to said that he is convinced that he will go to jail when he returns to Nazareth because he cannot live in the town because the Israeli government has denied him citizenship.

And yet, even though the Israeli army is waging a campaign against the population of Nazaresta, the residents of Nazaareth are not yet deterred.

A young man who is a member of the Arab community I spoke with said that even if the Israeli authorities did not give him citizenship, the people of Nazareth would still have to confront the oppression they have endured.

This is a difficult place to be.

I want to go back to Nazaria to live and work, to make a difference.

If the state of Israel wants to solve the conflict, it has to stop the killing and the oppression of the Palestinian people.

Nazareth is a small town that has grown into a vibrant community with a vibrant culture.

I met some of the local residents here, and I am glad to see that they care about the plight of their fellow residents.

But I am not sure that the state would be willing to invest in a community that is so fragile and vulnerable.

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