‘Hands on’ with JCCCA’s newest talent – and their favourite things to do in the CBD

Hands on with JccC performing arts has been invited to perform in the heart of the CBD.

We’re coming to you in partnership with JCCC, the premier theatre and music venue in Brisbane, and our favourite thing to do is to do something in the city centre.

The show, which runs from September 20 to 27, will feature a full lineup of JCCC’s top performing artists.

The event will also feature performances by the popular DJ, DJ Jinkx Monsoon and the Brisbane Dance Academy.JCCC founder and CEO Tim Looi said the festival was a “win-win”.

“We’ve got the best performers in the world, we’ve got great local talent and it’s a great way for people to get out and enjoy Brisbane,” he said.

“The festival is a really good way for Brisbaneers to see some of the best artists in the country.”JCCCA was established in 2011 by Tim Looni and former Jazz Bandmate Chris O’Connor, and has become a Brisbane institution.

Looi described the festival as “a big success”.

“It’s the perfect platform for us to be able to show our performers some of our best work,” he explained.

“It is a great opportunity for our local artists to showcase their work and to get their name out there.”

Our community loves it.

“For more information, visit the JCCA website.

Development Is Supported By

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