How to get a free performance at the theatre of your choice

You can’t buy a free gig at the folk performing arts venue of your choosing.

You can buy a ticket at a cost of $10, which is the equivalent of $2.50 for the two hours you spend there.

But you don’t have to pay the $10 if you want to see a play or two, and you can see a film in the theatre at any time. 

And that means if you have a ticket to see one of the three plays, or two of the two films, you can go for the other two.

Or, if you like, you could go for a performance of your favourite song or dance.

But the best times to go to the folk performance are when the weather is cool and there is a theatre or two to choose from.

And there are many, many, performances to choose to see.

For more info, see the  official website of the Irish Folk Festival.

Theatre of your Choice for the Weekend After the festival, we thought it would be interesting to have a look at some of the performances on offer at the venues in our city.

If you’re a performer looking for a free show, and are interested in seeing a play, here are the theatres in the city that will be open. 

The Irish Folk Theatre in Ballybunion, Co Donegal (Sunday – Friday 8.30pm – 2am) If you’re looking for free shows for the weekend, and the chance to see some of your favourites in the evenings, you’ll find yourself at the Irish Arts Centre. 

If, however, you’re more of a performer, you may want to head to the Ballysoragh Arts Centre, where you’ll have the opportunity to see a selection of new and returning plays in the evening, as well as some of Dublin’s best-known actors in their early 40s. 

Ballysorgagh Arts Theatre, Ballymore (Friday 9.30-10.30) This theatre is in the heart of Ballycastle, close to the village of Baillough and a good walk away from the city centre. 

They are also close to Ballyfoyle Park, the site of the Irish Rugby Sevens tournament and where a free festival is being held every Sunday. 

Been there? 

The Ballylough Theatre, Co. Armagh (Saturday 10pm)  Belfast City is the epicenter of the festival’s activities.

If your interest is more in seeing some of Bollywood, you’d be well advised to make the short drive to the city and check out the Bollywood-inspired theatre. 

Its located on the top floor of a Ballyscraggi building in Bullyagh, close enough to the main street to be easily reached by car. 

Coventry’s O’Connells Street Theatre (Sunday 10pm – Saturday 2am, closed Mondays) You can see some Bollywood productions at Coventry’s most renowned theatre.

Its located at the centre of the city, in the town of Clifton Hill, close by the old Strand Hotel and the Cliften Art Gallery. 

Dundalk’s The O’Reilly Theatre (Monday 10pm-Saturday 3am, Sunday 9.00pm-5am, Saturday 7pm-10pm)

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