California’s state capitol is about to host the world’s first ever open mic night for women

CAIRO, Egypt (Reuters) – A new opening night of performances for women in Egypt is set to begin on Monday and the country is set on the path to becoming a hub for female talent, as the first-ever female-led opening night is being staged in the country’s capital.

A group of more than 1,000 women from around the country, mostly artists, singers and musicians, will gather in Cairo for the opening night at the Plaza de Aragón.

Organizers say the show will feature live music by female artists such as Hania Serenity and Hania Rumi and an extended improvisation.

The opening night will feature a performance by the band Lush, which will also be joined by two dancers, an actor and an actress.

Organizer Mohammed el-Ganjari, a former music director, says the opening will mark a turning point in Egypt’s transition to a female-dominated economy.

“We are going to change the status quo,” he told Reuters.

“This is a historic moment.

We are here today to change history.”

For decades, Egyptian women have struggled to find employment in the state-run sector and in the entertainment industry.

But in recent years, the economy has turned around as the country has been grappling with a devastating economic crisis, with unemployment among the highest in the Arab world.

The show, which is not affiliated with the ruling Justice and Development Party, will be the first time in modern Egyptian history that women will perform live, in a space that is traditionally dominated by men.

A year ago, a female singer called Hania Shruti sang the opening notes of “The End of a Song,” an instrumental number about an Egyptian woman who decides to leave her home country in order to go to a better life in Europe.

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