When the Trump administration shuts off access to the internet: Students rally to keep the doors open to the arts

WASHINGTON — Hundreds of students at a Washington performing arts college chanted “We’re not going away” in a demonstration outside the college’s front door on Friday to urge students to continue their education.

The students gathered outside the College of the Arts, where they were joined by dozens of students from the performing arts department.

They chanted “we’re not coming back,” and “shut the doors.”

“It’s just so sad that we’re seeing so many of our students who are in college leave, and the fact that we have to wait until after graduation to see our students back,” said Brittany Stinson, a junior who came to the protest to speak out.

Stinson, who is also a junior, said she and her friends are still hoping to get back into the performing art program.

They are hopeful they will be able to attend the commencement ceremonies for the school in October.

But with the Trump White House now closing the internet to the public and colleges across the country shutting down access to social media, students and faculty at the college are left to find a new way to make their voices heard.

In the meantime, students are rallying around a different issue.

They have decided to stage a protest outside the school on Saturday, which they are calling the “We Are Not Coming Back” rally.

The event comes as the administration has blocked access to all internet sites and services, including social media.

The Trump administration has called the move “cyberwarfare.”

But Stinson said she feels like the administration is ignoring the needs of students who might be struggling with their studies and are concerned about their future.

“They’re trying to shut us down because we’re not letting them access our own personal life,” she said.

Stress is another issue.

The student government has been told that if they can’t afford to pay for their tuition, they can find other ways to pay.

And they have said that if students cannot afford to live in the dorms or on campus, they should not be able use the internet.

But Stottin said that students are not asking for financial help.

They just want to get to class and graduate without having to pay tuition.

She said that the students who have the least amount of money will be the ones who are able to continue to study, and that they don’t care about the financial aid they receive.

She added that she believes that the administration’s decision will cause the school to lose students who can afford to attend.

“I think it’s just really sad,” she told The Associated Press.

“There’s a lot of students out there who have no money to pay the bills and there are so many students who feel really, really frustrated and are not seeing their voices being heard.”

Stinson said that she has been planning her protest for months, and she wants to make sure that she is not the last person who is protesting.

She said she is worried that she will have to make her way to the campus on foot or with her parents to protest.

Stottin and her colleagues have also asked students to wear costumes at their protest.

Students can wear whatever they want, and students can also buy their own costumes, which cost $5.

Stinson and others have already worn their own masks.

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