When Japanese and Chinese performers play together at a Beijing show

The Japanese and the Chinese perform together in this Chinese-Japanese theater, and it’s an event that draws a lot of attention from tourists.

This year, the event will be staged in Beijing, with Japanese actors portraying characters from both countries.

The Chinese, of course, will be the ones who come out to see it, as they did in the 1970s and 1980s.

And they’ve done it twice before: in 2010 and again in 2012.

They’ve brought in a new cast each time, including the actor who played a young boy in the original film, Shunichi Takano.

“I was actually in China last time, and they said they were going to do it again,” Takano says.

“We were so happy, and we went back to Japan the next time and they went to see the same thing.”

Chinese-Japan theater and film have always been a part of Chinese history, so the news that Takano is going to play the boy in this event is surprising.

It’s not just because of his heritage, but because of what he does as a film actor.

The young Takano, who was born in Kyoto in 1945, has been performing in Japan since he was a child.

The first time he did it, he was 14.

His acting career took off during the Cultural Revolution, when the Communist Party in China began restricting his freedom of speech.

His performance in the Japanese film, I, Shouyou, has also been hailed by some as one of the best performances of the Cultural War, and he’s been asked to perform in a number of Chinese films.

He did a live-action film for the Beijing theater, which also stars actors from China, and in 2009 he played a part in a Chinese film adaptation of the play The Three Musketeers.

And he’s also been nominated for an Oscar.

Takano was born on March 2, 1946 in Kyoto, Japan, and his father died when he was three.

“The Communist Party has a very important role in Japan,” he says.

The family relocated to China in 1980, and Takano started attending Japanese school.

At 14, he got a scholarship to study film at Shanghai Film School.

In 1983, he went on to study at the Beijing Film School, where he got his first acting job.

Takao says he went to Beijing as a boy for two years, and by the time he was 18, he had starred in more than a dozen films.

“It was fun, but I wasn’t very good at it,” he remembers.

After graduating from Beijing Film College, Takano began making films in Japan, working on various films that he thought were of the highest quality.

He made the short film, Kanko no Kaidan (The King’s Boy), which won him a special award at the 1985 Oscars.

Takanao was cast in the play Yodoshiku (Sorrowful Boy), a play about the death of the king of a neighboring kingdom.

Takami later made the television series Kanki-san, or The King’s Son, about the life of the young king.

In 1985, he made the popular television series Hiyori ni konkou ni (The Young King’s Child), a romantic comedy about the boy who wants to be the king.

“One of the most famous roles in the world at that time was that of the boy’s younger brother,” Takanaka says.

Takanami, who also had a starring role in the 1990 film, Gensokyo no Kaze, is one of a number who have gone on to achieve a high level of success.

Takanos’ work also has been featured on several other Japanese television series.

In 1998, he appeared in the television show Kami no Shita (The Beautiful Daughter), which was adapted from a novel by Masaki Miyakawa.

In 2003, Takanawa directed the Japanese version of a play based on a novel written by Kishio Shiraishi, a Japanese novelist.

Takanko, who now lives in Osaka, says he has been called “a legend of Japanese film” by Japanese newspapers and magazines, but that there’s nothing he’s particularly proud of.

He says he was really surprised to receive an Oscar nomination for his work in the 2010 film The King of the Night.

“In Japan, they don’t know that we’re a big film industry, but there’s a huge industry of Chinese actors in the entertainment industry,” Takani says.

He’s been cast in more TV series than his Japanese counterparts.

Takaya Takano with his wife, Yoshikazu Takano (right), and his son, Shuu Takano in the 2002 film The Girl in the Red Suit. 

When Takano’s son, Takako, was born, he decided to pursue acting, and at the age of 18 he made a name for himself as the leading actor in a TV series called I

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