New research shows naked performances are more effective at increasing self-esteem and wellbeing

Nude performances, also known as “bare-to-the-bone” or “bare and slow,” are gaining popularity around the world and have been proven to boost self-worth and wellbeing, a new study has found.

Key points:A study by psychologists from the University of Sydney found that performing naked is more effective in boosting self-confidence and improving self-image than a more traditional performance arts like dance or theatreSource: University of NSWUniversity of Sydney psychologists found that nude performances are better at increasing confidence and self-imagesThe study looked at data from two different studies and found that while both forms of performance art were effective in increasing self esteem and improving mental health, a nude performance was more effective than a traditional one.

“Nude performances appear to have a unique psychological benefit, because they encourage self-reliance and self confidence,” the researchers said.

“By reducing physical discomfort, they are also less taxing on the body and therefore less costly to maintain.”

The study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, involved a team of more than 40 participants from five different universities.

The researchers surveyed participants using online interviews, asking them questions such as: “Would you consider performing nude or non-nude to be an acceptable way of expressing your emotions or personality?”

“Would you have done the same or a similar act if performing naked?”

“What would you say if someone asked you if you felt sad, happy, or bored?”

If you were to do it for five minutes, what would you do in response?””

If I were to perform a naked pose for five seconds, what actions would you take?

“Do you think it is appropriate for someone to use a body part for entertainment or to advertise their appearance?”

“Is it safe for someone else to perform the same nude pose?”

The results revealed that participants who performed nude on the internet were less likely to report feeling uncomfortable, were less concerned about being physically naked and were more likely to have high self-respect.

However, the study found that those who performed a traditional performance were more than four times more likely than the same people who performed naked to be confident and to be happy.

“In fact, they were more confident than those who were naked,” the study concluded.

“It’s not a surprise to see the popularity of naked performance, because nudity has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of improving self esteem,” the authors added.

The research was conducted by Dr Julia Henningsen and Dr Amy Brown at the University and the National Centre for Disability Studies in Melbourne.

Their research was funded by the Australian Research Council and the Australian Council for the Arts.

Source: ABC News

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