Kirkland performing art center’s second phase opens for arts and community benefit

By Laura MancusoPosted November 20, 2018 09:04:30This new $300,000 Arts and Community Fund (ACF) will be dedicated to support arts and culture programming at Kirkland Community Arts Center (KCBAC).

The $300 million, three-phase, $5 million project will support the development of a new center to expand and improve KCBAC’s programming.

The center will be built on a 1,400-acre site on the east side of Kirkland, which is part of Kirkwood Village, and will be operated by KCBac.

The new center will include a new auditorium, a conference room, and two new art galleries, the largest of which is a 1-hour, $40,000 exhibit titled “A Night at the Museum of Art,” which will showcase the works of KCBec artists, as well as a collection of the city’s best-known artists and institutions.

KCBak will also be hosting a new conference called “Kirkland Community Art Center’s Annual Art and Cultural Festival,” which is being held annually.

The first phase will include construction of the building, the new center, and other improvements to the space.

The second phase, which includes the addition of an additional 10,000 square feet, will focus on improving KCBacon’s infrastructure.

In addition to the new building, a new community room will be added to the center, which will feature an open kitchen and bathrooms, a large conference room with a projector, a library, a fitness center, a play space, a public seating area, a reception area, and an auditorium.

The auditorium will feature a 30-foot screen.

The room will feature the installation of a large projector and a projector projection screen.KCBacon will also add a new entrance to the building that will feature new, expanded security cameras, new sound barriers, and a new light rail.

The building will also receive an updated fire alarm system.

The KCBaco project will also include the construction of a pedestrian bridge across the Potomac River that will connect the new space with Kirkland Avenue and Potomoc Street, and with the Kirkland-Potomac Trail and the Kirkwood-Kirkwood Road corridor.

The bridge will also provide access to the community center from the new Kirkland Center, which also will be converted to a community center.

The construction is expected to be completed by December 2019.

Development Is Supported By

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