Atwood, Rhythms and Rhythmic Performance in Sydney’s CBD

A new performance arts centre has been launched in Sydney, with an emphasis on the musical and dance genres.

The Atwood Centre, located at the corner of Bunnings Road and St Clair Street, has been opened to the public and will feature live music and performance.

“We want to create an intimate, dynamic space that’s both fun and challenging for all audiences, with all kinds of different styles,” Associate Executive Director of the Centre, Chris Atwood told RN Breakfast.

The centre, located in the former Bunnons’ Bar at the intersection of St Clair and Bunnington Road, has already been successful in attracting the attention of local dance group The Rhythmatics.

The group will perform in the centre in the coming weeks, and has signed up to be a part of the new centre.

“This will be a unique space that will be different for everyone, it will be welcoming for everyone and will cater for people of all ages,” Mr Atwood said.

The music will come from the group’s debut album, Rhythmical, which was released on the band’s own label, Stereo Recordings, earlier this year.

“Rhythms is a unique band that I have grown up with, and have been lucky enough to have played with for many years,” Mr Alyn said.

“It’s been such a huge pleasure for me to play with such a talented and talented group of people, and we look forward to making our first performance in the new venue in two weeks.”

The new centre will also have a performance space for workshops and performances, which will be provided by the Atwood Group.

The community is invited to attend the event on March 23 and the space will be open to the general public until the start of April.

“I’m sure we will all be delighted by the success of the first performance and hope you can join us,” Mr Arnt told RN.

“We look forward for you to join us.”

Development Is Supported By

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