Why you should be paying attention to the new $1,000,000 annual performance martial arts festival

By TARA BECKERBYAPAPRIL 10:10 AM EDTThe new $600,000 Performance Martial Arts Festival is set to take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this year.

The new festival will have its first official event at the New World Expo Center in Philadelphia this September.

This year, the event will include a free performance by the world-renowned Bruce Lee, a free public lecture by martial arts expert and renowned martial artist Mikey Krieger, a martial arts clinic, a dance performance and performances by some of the top performers in the martial arts world, including Mikey and his wife, Karen, and the renowned martial arts artist Bruce Lee.

Here’s a look at the festival’s lineup and the event’s schedule:The new event will feature two main classes: the traditional and the new performance martial art.

The traditional martial arts class, which is similar to the traditional martial art in its roots, was created to teach students the basics of the martial art and to introduce them to the art’s history and history-building traditions.

The new performance class will include the new art, but will also incorporate some of its traditions from the past.

Here is the full schedule for the performance martial event:The traditional martial artists class is the traditional style of martial arts.

It was created by Lee himself, Lee Kar-wai, to teach martial arts basics and to incorporate his techniques and techniques of the old style.

It is taught in a traditional, closed-door, and non-competitive way.

The traditional class was taught in New York City in 1962 and is the most widely taught martial art today.

It has been recognized by the American Association of Physical Education for its educational value, its historical importance, and its historical value to the martial tradition.

The New World Exposition Center in the heart of Philadelphia has been hosting the traditional art class since 1972.

It will continue to host the class until at least 2019, when it will be closed to the public.

In the new class, participants will take part in a series of martial art classes in addition to the free performance of Bruce Lee in the arena.

They will be guided through the fundamentals of the art through video demonstrations, and then will be asked to perform some of their own movements to see how they can enhance the skills of their students.

The videos will be shown to the class members to demonstrate their own ability to learn the martial techniques of their art.

The first class, on Saturday, August 27, will begin at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium at the Expo Center.

After the class, the performers will perform a solo performance and the classes will conclude with a performance by a featured martial artist.

This is the first time in history that the traditional, non-participatory, traditional martial artist class will be held at the Philadelphia Expo Center, said Michael Osterloh, director of the Exposition.

The first class was also held at an auditorium in New Orleans in 1965.

This will be the first of several performances for the class.

It could be expanded to include more performers, Osterling said.

For more information, visit the website of the Philadelphia Exposition Centers website:www.expo.org/prs/PerformanceMartialarts.aspx

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