How to turn your old laptop into a home theater (and more)

A lot of the technology you see in the world today comes from the web.

But as tech companies are finding out the hard way, that doesn’t always work out well for the end users.

That’s why many businesses want to find ways to keep their data secure while still being able to move data between devices.

A startup called CloudFlare has been working to make that easier for businesses.

According to a company blog post, the company recently announced a new product called Cloudflare Pro.

In addition to the Cloudflat Pro product, CloudFlat has also launched its own cloud-based storage service.

The service lets businesses keep their old laptops as virtual servers in a cloud, and it will store them as a virtual disk for backup and archiving purposes.

That way, if something goes wrong with the data, it can be recovered.

Cloudflares cloud storage service can also backup data to a variety of devices.

For example, a server running the company’s CloudFlate service can backup data from a smartphone to a PC.

CloudFlares cloud backup can also be used to store information on mobile devices like a tablet, laptop, or even a desktop computer.

CloudFlare says it offers this service to businesses because it wants to make it easier to migrate data to new servers as quickly as possible.

If something goes awry, Cloudflaticas servers can be used for backup of data.

The company’s cloud storage servers will also store the information in a format that CloudFlashs customers can then import into the companys cloud computing service.

Cloud Flare says that this means that customers can migrate their data from their old devices to new ones.

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