When I first saw The Paper’s

about a student’s suicide, I knew it would have to do with me.

I felt a bit sad and a bit angry.

It made me sad and angry.

I didn’t understand how this could be happening to me.

The article, written by the student’s mother and shared by the school’s website, also included some very disturbing photos.

The paper reported on one photo that showed a student with a note that read, “I was not happy with what I had to do.

I needed to go out and find the person I was supposed to be.”

The student’s note was signed with a pencil, not a pen, and it said, “There was a reason I did not want to do it.”

In a separate post, The Paper wrote that the students suicide is “an example of how difficult it is to live life.”

“It’s easy to look at a photograph and be angry and feel bad about yourself, and I think that’s why that image is so difficult for people to understand,” one of the students’ parents told the paper.

“It’s a lot more difficult to be happy than to be sad.

When you’re sad and feel guilty, you feel like you can’t be positive.”

In the article, the student was described as “a shy, quiet, intelligent, and creative young man.”

He was studying for his MFA in theater and art and had just moved to the school after moving to New York from the Bronx.

The Paper said the student also “wanted to learn how to sing and dance, and hoped to be able to create his own dance group.”

He had an internship at a local theater company.

The student was a talented and dedicated artist, the paper said, adding that he had “a great personality, a great sense of humor, and a love of music.”

“We feel it’s important to say that these are just images and don’t necessarily represent any particular person,” the school wrote.

“The student was just a young person who happened to have a mental illness, and we are so grateful for his support and his outpouring of support and love.

It’s been an incredibly emotional time for all of us, and the school is deeply sorry.”

The school said that the student is not currently enrolled at the school, and he is currently at home recovering from his illness.

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