How to write about Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is doing a great job of showing how important it is to read and discuss the things you care about.

You don’t need to be a celebrity to read the press and commentary about the former first lady.

But you do need to understand her policies and politics, and her history, to understand the issues she is addressing.

The latest edition of the American Prospect’s The New America Foundation newsletter has a new guide to covering Clinton in depth, and the list of topics is full of recommendations.

One of the best pieces is “The Secret Life of a Clinton Cash Spender,” a piece by Ben Norton and John Fund, titled “The Truth About Hillary Clinton: How She Helped Sell Herself to Wall Street.”

(You’ll find it on The New Republic.)

They begin by explaining why, for many years, Clinton has been seen as a moderate.

The book opens with a quote from her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

The author then talks about how Clinton’s role in the 1992 Whitewater land deal was so important to her, because she believed it would help her win the White House.

But the real story is that Bill Clinton was in a position to influence the way she ran the country for the next 20 years.

The Clintons have always believed that their influence was limited by the rules of the game.

They believed they could use a president’s loyalty to the White Street gang to their advantage, as long as they were not seen as enemies.

The fact that they believed that made it easy to control the White Houses policy decisions and the political environment.

In the mid-2000s, the Clintons moved to the right, and in 2010, they lost the White Senate race in California, and lost control of both chambers of Congress.

They had to take a hard left, and they did it by pushing through the largest economic stimulus package in American history, the stimulus bill.

That bill helped the American economy bounce back and create the kind of jobs the American people were looking for.

The American public was stunned, and many were disappointed that they had been sold the false idea that the stimulus was a success.

But Bill Clinton and the Clintons have never been a political force for change, and that’s because they are a political family.

They are family first, and family second.

So, the best way to learn about Clinton is to be an objective observer, not a partisan.

The article also makes clear the importance of taking a critical approach to the Clintons’ policies.

The authors point out that the Clintons support an expansive tax cut, an increase in the minimum wage, the expansion of Social Security, and expanding health care coverage.

These policies are important for the American working class and the middle class.

They would also help provide economic security for working Americans.

But, the authors point to another issue the Clintons don’t want the American public to hear about: the death penalty.

The death penalty is a deeply divisive issue.

The deaths of two young black men in Florida, one of whom was an unarmed teenager, prompted a national conversation about the use of the death sentence.

This issue was so divisive that Clinton and her husband have been at odds with civil rights leaders, politicians, and activists for decades.

Bill Clinton has called for the death of a “monster,” as the Rev. Al Sharpton said of Clinton.

This week, Clinton announced a plan to end capital punishment in the United States, saying, “We have to get it right, we have to fix it.”

The article concludes with a list of some of the Clintons most controversial policies.

It includes a policy that would give private prisons an unprecedented, taxpayer-backed charter to operate and expand.

That proposal would make the private prisons financially responsible for maintaining the prison population.

The policy would also make it easier for companies like the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) to obtain prison labor and facilities.

The government also has a role in closing down private prisons.

Clinton and other Clinton administration officials have long said that private prisons are not needed to serve the public, and it is a dangerous notion.

The Clinton administration, in fact, has repeatedly tried to shutter private prisons in order to cut costs.

One proposal to do that, for example, was a proposal to shutter the privately run GEO Group prison in the Bronx, New York, because of overcrowding.

That plan failed.

The new book, by the authors, is an important reminder of how important Clinton is in American politics.

In fact, the book is so important that the authors are calling on others to write books about Clinton.

There are some serious issues with the book, but I want to emphasize three points: First, the author and I both agree that Clinton is a bad president.

We are both Republicans, and we have known each other for decades, so we are not going to disagree about the details.

Second, the first half of the book has some great stories about the Clintons.

The third part of the introduction contains a chapter called “The Black Vote.”

The author, Ben Norton, is a

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