Chicago performing arts company to open in Salt City

Salt City, Utah — Chicago performing artists are being invited to join a new company in Salt Lake City.

Des Perform Arts, an independent performing arts and performance company that specializes in dance and performance, announced it is opening its first show in Salt River City in 2019.

The new company, which opened its first location in Salt Spring, Utah in 2017, plans to open its second location in 2019 and a third location in 2020.

Des perform arts CEO Mark Burdick said Des Perform was inspired to open a new performing arts studio in Salt by its experiences in Salt Springs.

The company has been performing in Salt since the early 1990s.

Burdicker said the company’s success in Salt shows that the city has a talent base that has a long-term plan.

Salt Springs has had some success in attracting a growing number of young, ambitious young artists and producers, he said.

“We want to give Salt a chance to be a success story,” he said of Des Perform.

“Salt is a beautiful city.

There are beautiful buildings, and we wanted to be able to open our new facility in Salt.”

Burdier said the new company’s first show will be a one-hour dance performance by a young dancer named Lauren LeBlanc, who is the sister of famed Chicago dance and theater director Bill LeBlanche.

“Lauren has been doing a variety of performances and has a strong track record of performing in the highest caliber of venues,” Burdie said.

Bidders for the Des Perform show will include Des Perform, Des Arts and Des Performance Performance, which is based in the Salt City Arts District.

The show will take place on Oct. 19 and 20 at the Des Arts Performing Arts Center.

It will feature two of Des Performance’s newest acts, LeBlance and Roxy, who has won multiple awards for her dance performances.

Baddie Smith, Des Perform’s artistic director, said she is excited about the partnership with Des Arts.

“As an artist, I am very excited about this opportunity to bring Des Perform to Salt and build on our community roots and the great music and artistic energy in Salt,” she said.

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