A musical Christmas, but a lot more than that

It’s a Christmas Eve show in Marshalls, North Carolina, and the audience is all dressed in black.

They are a group of black people, all dressed up in the same outfits, some of them with masks, some without.

A man and a woman are in black, and another woman is in red.

They have all been performing together for more than three years, and they’ve played for almost everyone they know.

It’s the first time this year that a group has been doing Christmas concerts together in a way that’s a lot of fun.

The band, The Misfits, plays Christmas shows at this time of year, and it has become something of a tradition.

They’re one of the most popular Christmas acts around the country, said Scott Smith, a performance artist who’s been a performer for the past four decades.

And this year, they were playing for the first and only time at the Marshalls Community Center.

Smith is a member of the Misfit troupe, which is part of the Marshals’ theatre department.

It is a very small troupe that only plays one show a year at this point, he said.

That’s why the idea of doing a Christmas concert with the Misdits is so exciting to them.

“They do things that have never been done before,” he said, adding that they’re not a touring band.

They perform together for the community and their own community, he told CBC News.

“It’s really special for us.”

MisfITS members are a diverse group of performers, Smith said.

Many of them are performers who have been around for a long time, and this is the first performance they’ve done together.

They started doing Christmas shows together, but this is their first time performing together in this way.

“We have a lot in common.

We have this love of the arts, we have this passion for performing and doing something fun, and we just love to do this together,” Smith said, pointing out that they all come from a musical background.

This is their way of connecting with their audience, he added.

“For us, we’re not just going to do Christmas concerts and dancing,” he added, “We’re going to bring that to the community, so it’s very special for our community and very special to our fans.”

The Misdids have been performing for years, but they only performed on the first night of Christmas.

They’ve been performing in North Carolina for almost 10 years, with their last performance in May of this year.

It was the last time the Mistires performed together, and Smith said it was the biggest night of their careers.

“You could tell that this year’s performance was special.

I mean, you could tell it was going to be special,” Smith told CBC.

Smith said he loves performing with the band, and he’s always looking forward to playing Christmas shows.

“Christmas is just one of my favorite things.

I’ve always loved to perform with the choir, and I always love performing with my friends, and there are so many things that I love to perform,” he explained.

“And I think what we’re trying to do is bring that into the community.

It brings that fun, the excitement and the magic into our community.”

Smith said that the Mists perform in a different way than the Marshills.

The Mists are a small group, with the largest group of the group is just three people, he noted.

The audience in Marshals is mostly made up of African-American men and women, but that does not make the audience any less diverse.

“The audience in the Misters has always been a very diverse audience, and that is the reason why we have been able to bring the Mistlethieves into our theater, to be able to put them in a place where they’re able to feel welcome,” Smith explained.

The performance is not the only reason why Smith and the MISTs are playing Christmas at the community center, which has a capacity of 300 people.

The other reason is because they love performing together.

“Our goal is to make the community of Marshalls our home,” Smith pointed out.

“This is a place that we all live, and to be a part of that is so rewarding.

It makes us feel like part of this community.”

Misdites performs in a unique way, but it’s still very traditional, Smith noted.

He and his band are the first group of people to play at a Marshalls Christmas show.

“I think it’s really unique, and when you play a show, you’re able go to other places, you feel more comfortable, you know, it feels like you’re really part of something,” Smith added.

Smith added that the Marshons have been playing Christmas concerts for over 10 years and have always been able in Marshlands to go to different places and be in different

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