How India’s Bollywood stars are celebrating their big birthday

Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan is celebrating his birthday in the best way possible.

The 38-year-old star and his brother, Khan Asif, are celebrating on March 25, the International Festival of Bollywood, which marks the end of a decade in which the Indian movie industry has been hit hard by global piracy.

It has been a rough year for Bollywood and the industry.

Last year, India’s film industry was forced to cut production, leading to a steep drop in ticket sales and a sharp decline in box office receipts.

The industry’s biggest film studio, Sony, announced it would close its studios and close its production offices in India.

Meanwhile, as India is facing the worst anti-piracy crackdown in the world, the film industry is under threat.

In April, a Mumbai court banned movie studios and exhibitors from selling tickets to new releases in India, and banned new films from being shown outside the country for a period of three months.

In a bid to rein in piracy, the government is set to launch a nationwide crackdown on online piracy from March 25.

However, the crackdown has not stopped pirated content on the internet, as the industry is not able to enforce the law.

In India, the biggest movie studios have announced plans to shutter their operations, and other studios are considering the same.

A few of the top movie producers are considering pulling out of the country as well, including Bollywood kingman Salman Khan and Indian director Akshay Kumar.

Last year, Salman Khan, who is the biggest actor in the industry, and his son, actor Amitabh Bachchan, were forced to leave the country after the Supreme Court ruled that the actor and his wife, actress Priyanka Chopra, should not be allowed to visit each other in the country.

Meanwhile a growing number of celebrities and other big names in the entertainment industry are refusing to come to India and have been cancelling their engagements due to the crackdown.

India’s top film producer, Viacom, announced that it would cut production of all of its films from March 1, 2019, to March 25 in protest against the anti-pirate law.

And, after being asked by the Indian Film Institute, VH1 and Paramount to cut down on their productions in the nation, several of the major Hollywood studios have pulled out of India, including Disney and Warner Bros.

The movie industry in India has been the biggest beneficiary of the anti’s crackdown, with revenues at over $100 billion, according to Forbes.

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