Which Arts Major Is Right for You?

The following are some of the most common questions students ask when it comes to choosing a major.

Read on to find out what each major has to offer, how to select a school, and more.

More from Bloomberg:What is a music major?

A music major is a major that prepares students to pursue their dreams of becoming a professional musician.

It focuses on the fundamentals of music composition and performance.

A music major typically begins in the eighth grade.

How do I get into a music school?

If you want to pursue a music career, you need to apply for admission into a top music school, which often means you’ll need to go through an application process.

If you’re interested in applying to a major outside of high school, you can also apply online.

Students applying to music schools usually have to take a music course, complete a music history project, and meet with an admissions counselor to determine if they qualify.

What is the difference between a music and music education major?

The music major prepares students for careers in the field of music.

Students who are studying music for a major must take a course that focuses on their career interests.

The major is also considered a prerequisite for many jobs, and students who complete it typically earn their degree in a year or two.

Who can go to a music university?

Any student can attend an undergraduate music school or transfer to a top-ranked music school in the United States.

A few colleges and universities have programs in both music and education.

Students attending music schools must also complete the required music curriculum and attend a music internship program.

Why do I need to have a music degree?

If your music education is not an elective, it may be a requirement for admission to the arts program.

A degree is required if you plan to pursue an arts career.

A graduate degree is an electives.

A musician with a master’s degree from a music-related institution must also apply to the university.

Is a music minor required to get a music education degree?


Students can go on to pursue any degree they want if they want to.

However, students who have a minor in music may not have to complete a major in music if they’re already pursuing an art or music-focused degree.

Which music school should I attend?

The most common schools for students interested in music include Berklee College of Music, the Berklee School of Music and the Berkley School of Drama and Theatre.

The most popular majors in music schools include Music and Visual Arts, Performance Arts, Music Theory and Music Education.

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