‘It’s a new day’: ‘It was the first time I ever felt sad’

NEW YORK — It was the beginning of a new and different day in the life of a young man who has struggled with bipolar disorder for years.

For more than a decade, Anthony Pimentel struggled with his bipolar disorder.

He had been on the verge of losing his job and living in a shelter for homeless men, when he got help from a social worker.

“I was really depressed and in a bad place at the time,” said Pimentels mother, Denise Pimentelman.

Pimentel has been living with his mother, a teacher, in a small apartment in Manhattan for the past year.

Denise Piments life changed when she was diagnosed with bipolar.

She got a job as a social workers aide, and Pimenteled was able to attend a few classes.

He now works in the city as a janitor, helping out with the city’s homeless shelters.

He said he’s always been the calm one, but the emotional roller coaster was the most challenging.

“It was a new start, it was the only time I’ve ever felt sadness, I had a lot of feelings and thoughts and a lot was out of my control,” he said.

His mother is now on a path to recovery.

She has started a Facebook page where she shares her story.

“People are coming forward and saying they’ve had the same feelings,” Denise Pimentalel said.

“They’re just going through the motions, they’re not looking at it.

They’re just feeling like it’s the best thing to do to heal.

I think that’s really healing for them.”

Divers who dive for life with helpThe City of New York said more than 7,500 people have sought help with mental health issues in the past four years.

In 2016, there were 1,800 new mental health diagnoses, according to the City.

It said the number of people who are receiving mental health care and living with the mental health burden of their disorder rose to 1,906 from 1,700.

The state of New Jersey reported an increase in mental health admissions and emergency room visits from December 2016 to January 2017.

It’s a trend that is expected to continue.

“The number of New Yorkers who were admitted to mental health services for bipolar disorder has continued to increase,” said state Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas F. Kelleher.

Kelleher said many of the mental illnesses associated with bipolar disorders are not treated, or are seen as the exception, not the rule.

“Bipolar is not a treatable condition and there are many people who suffer from bipolar disorder that are not going to be able to access help,” he added.

The City said in a statement, “The city has an active and supportive community that includes the homeless, people with disabilities, and the unemployed.”

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