Elon Musk’s new startup called “Kids First” launches a startup that makes kids’ entertainment fun again!

Elon Musk is one of the most successful and influential people in Silicon Valley.

He started SpaceX, the first private space company to fly people to the International Space Station.

He is also one of three co-founders of Oculus VR, the company that created the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

He’s also a founder of NextVR, which is now owned by Facebook.

And he has more than 30 million followers on Twitter.

Now, he’s launching a new company called Kids First that makes a range of children’s entertainment for kids, and he says it’s all about making kids’ lives better.

The company is called KidsFirst, and it is part of a wave of companies launching kids’ apps, which will help kids get around in the future.

In an interview with ABC News, Musk said KidsFirst is a way to make kids’ experiences more enjoyable for them, and make it easier for them to be kids again.

He also said that KidsFirst’s apps are designed to be a way for kids to get their first hands on technology that will make them more aware and excited about the future, and how technology can help them.

He said Kids First’s apps can help kids learn new skills, like how to make video games, and the like, and then later on, they can have their first experience with robots, cars, and other technologies that are fun and exciting.

This is how they can learn the skills to be more involved in the economy and more engaged in society, he said.

Musk said KidsNext will focus on helping kids get more of their learning from media, from games, from learning to write, from social media, and from their everyday interactions with others.

He said this is how the company will bring people together, so that kids can be more connected to each other.

He added that the apps are being designed to take advantage of new technologies and technology that are now available, so KidsFirst can help parents, teachers, and educators create apps for kids that are better suited to their specific needs.

This will make their learning experience more fun, and more engaging, he added.

He called it a “comprehensive approach” that will help parents and educators to learn the new technology faster and more effectively.

The app will be free to download, and there will be no advertising, Musk told ABC News.

He also said KidsForSchool, a group of parents and teachers that will work with KidsFirst to help develop apps for children, will be also helping the company with the marketing and distribution.

We think that kids need this, and that we can make it as easy as possible for parents and other people who are interested in bringing the learning experience to the kids.

He told ABC that he’s seen positive feedback from parents, who said that the app made their kids more engaged and interested in learning, and helped them with their homework.

He’s also seen that kids were really excited about it, and they said it was easy to use and easy to learn.

He was excited about how easy it was to create and he said that he believes this is the best way to give kids the technology that they need, because he says there are many other kids’ platforms, like Snapchat, that have more technology that is available.

But he did say that KidsForSafeschool is not yet ready to release a KidsFirst app, and KidsFirst has a long way to go before KidsFirst becomes a household name, so he’s not ready to say if it’s a commercial product yet.

Development Is Supported By

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