How do you stop being a victim? – Live from the ACT

On this week’s edition of the ABC’s ‘Your Show’ podcast, the host asks: how do you get through the pain of being a victims of abuse?

What do you think?

Read more:Victims of domestic violence need to be listened to, and the ABC has teamed up with a local community service to offer support to those affected by domestic violence.

We’re partnering with the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre to offer free and confidential support to victims of domestic abuse, including a 24-hour helpline and crisis intervention workshops.

In addition to the support, the centre will also host free community events on Thursday nights to help young people with their mental health.

It is an ongoing challenge that we all share, but we all have to take the time to get through it and to feel good about ourselves.

The ACT Government is committed to ensuring that young people are not at risk from domestic violence, particularly as they transition into adulthood.

As part of the plan, we’re also committed to working with community organisations and organisations to ensure young people can access support and services, including alcohol and drug abuse support and information and information sessions for people at risk.

What are the ACT Government’s priorities for addressing domestic violence?

In April this year, the ACT government committed to increasing the number of domestic-violence survivors through a new Domestic Violence Awareness campaign.

This campaign will include a number of events across the state to support those who are at risk of domestic or family violence.

Read more about domestic violence:In 2018, the government also committed $6 million to improve mental health services in the ACT, including $200,000 for the ACT Mental Health Commission and $200 million to increase mental health care in remote communities.

The Government also committed more than $20 million to support survivors of domestic and family violence through the 2020 Federal Budget.

This includes funding for the ACCC to expand the use of the ACCA, an international network of organisations dedicated to ensuring equality, human rights and respect for victims of violence and their families.

Read about the ACT’s commitment to address domestic violence in 2018:What is the ACT Domestic Violence Centre?

The ACT Domestic and Family Violence Centre is a non-profit organisation with over 2,000 staff and volunteers in Canberra.

The centre is the only national service in Australia that is able to provide mental health and substance abuse support to people who have been the victims of family or domestic violence and also includes support services for women who have experienced domestic or familial violence.

The Centre is also one of only two national services in Australia providing support for young people who are victims of childhood abuse.

The service is located at the Canberra Police Academy and provides a range of services to young people, including drug and alcohol counselling, crisis support, education and mentoring.

The Canberra Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Centre is the primary centre for victims and their family members in the Canberra area.

It provides an in-person counselling service, a 24/7 confidential helplines line, 24/72 telephone and support and other services to all young people experiencing abuse and/or trauma.


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