Why do you think Canada’s indigenous arts scene is in crisis?

The answer, in my mind, is the way indigenous people were brought up and treated by white people.

And it’s not just in Canada.

There are many places where indigenous people are treated differently.

Here are the things I found that made me think it was a cultural problem.


The way indigenous culture is portrayed.

The idea that there is a “native” art style is an idea that is still very prevalent.

The word “native,” however, has been used by white artists to describe indigenous people and their culture.

It is often used to describe something like “a language, a style, or an art form.”

So when the word “natives” is used to refer to Indigenous people, it makes people uncomfortable.

It makes people feel guilty for thinking they can claim the indigenous language, the way they were brought to the land.

And, of course, it reinforces the idea that the indigenous people themselves are somehow “lesser.”

I found myself wondering, “Is this a thing we’re supposed to be ashamed of?”


The manner in which Indigenous people are presented as “lessers.”

For example, when I was in Canada I used to go to the Indigenous art school in the U.S. for four years, but when I returned to the United States, the students there were so much more respectful and inclusive of Indigenous people.

There were so many Indigenous artists at my school, and I was encouraged to do a lot more than what I did there.

I also learned about the “otherness” of Indigenous culture.

That is, I learned about racism, the oppression that many Indigenous people experience in Canada and the United Sates.

For example: In Ontario, when you go to a restaurant you can tell the waiter by looking at him or her.

But when you walk into an Indigenous artist’s studio, you can’t.

It’s an insult.

In Canada, there’s a difference between “good work” and “bad work,” and there are many artists who have been killed by the police for their work.

When Indigenous people go to see their artwork, they often feel like they are seen as inferior.

I feel like I am being “shamed” by seeing my artwork in galleries, and that’s not acceptable.


The fact that Indigenous people do not have equal representation in the media.

While there is more Indigenous representation in Canadian media than in the United Kingdom, Canada’s Indigenous media is very small.

It would be helpful to see Indigenous representation, especially on television, in Canadian TV shows.

There is no representation of Indigenous women, and there is no Indigenous representation of women of colour.

The representation of Native women and women of color is very low.

And I can’t imagine that there would be much representation of Aboriginal people in Canadian television shows.

For a show like “Dancing with the Stars,” which I like very much, I can imagine that it would be really hard for a non-Native actor to get on the show.

In addition, there is still a lot of media representation of white people in Canada: there is an entire show called “White America,” for example.

If there is ever a show about a Canadian family in the past, there will probably be white people there too.

The lack of representation of non-white people and Indigenous people in TV shows and movies has a real impact on the lives of Indigenous peoples and their ability to see the world as it is, and as they want it to be. 4.

The cultural appropriation of Indigenous art.

I found it frustrating when I saw the use of indigenous art on mainstream television.

In the past few years, I’ve seen many Indigenous art galleries, but these days there are almost no Indigenous artists showing their work outside of museums.

It feels like people are just not interested in showing their own work.

The biggest problem is that we don’t see Indigenous artists in our communities or museums.

We have so many stories about how people have approached Indigenous art, and so many people feel like we are not important.

I have been at the centre of many conversations about how to better include Indigenous artists on television.

But it is hard for Indigenous people who are not on television to tell their stories, because we don the tools and tools to tell them.

It took me a long time to finally find a way to include Indigenous people and artists in TV. 5.

The constant use of the word Indigenous.

In terms of the way Indigenous people were treated by Western people in the 1800s, the word was very offensive.

It was also an easy way to dismiss Indigenous culture as a “white thing.”

For me, the idea of “white” is something that doesn’t really exist in the world.

It doesn’t mean anything in Canada or anywhere else.

In fact, I found the word offensive when I used it in a talk I gave at the American Indian Center of Ontario, in Toronto.

It wasn’t until I went

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