NYC’s ‘The Art of Play’ takes a trip to the future

New York’s The Art of Plays brings you a unique and immersive experience through immersive technology that allows the performers and actors to create a world, live in it, and interact with it through virtual reality.

The theater’s goal is to give people a sense of being in the world through virtual space.

In The Art, the performance and production teams play the role of explorers.

They explore the art and the city.

They learn about how the city and the artists create it.

They play.

They dance.

They sing.

They dream.

They go out and perform.

In doing so, they learn and grow.

The first season of The Art premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on September 17, and it is available for pre-order now on the Playhouse and Vimeo sites.

The second season will debut in 2017. 

The Art and its immersive performance technology was designed by Brooklyn-based tech company Vimeo.

Vimeo’s VP of Product, Dan Valk, spoke to Ars about the company’s new venture.

Valk, who has worked on several VR and AR projects, explains that The Art is a new way to experience theater and that the technology has some unique features that are unique to theater.VALK: I think one of the things that we’re excited about is the fact that The ART is the first VR show that you can experience, in an immersive environment.

We think it’s very much like VR for theater.

It’s not just about the technology, it’s about the performance.

You get to see the actors as you would in a real theater. 

Valk said that the tech was designed for performance and that it was built to work with the audience and actors.

It has a lot of different capabilities that we think you’ll find interesting and engaging.

For example, the tech can track actors’ posture and movement.

The actor can track his body language, and The ART can respond to that, too.

It also lets you see what actors are wearing and what they’re doing.

Valks also said that Vimeo is exploring how VR technology can be used to deliver the experience that The Playhouse is known for.

Valker: The VR technology in The ART really lets us do things that other theaters have tried before.

They have to build a whole different set of sets to make that happen.

But we can make it really easy for the people who are there, to just sit there, and to watch the performance of a performer. 

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes of The ART, and we’ve been working closely with Vimeo for the last year and a half to make sure we have the technology that will be most suited to the show.

The company says that the first season will take you on a tour of the New York City theater system, including the building that houses the New Directions Theater, the main auditorium, and the stage for the play.

The tech will also be used for other productions in the future. 

 The ART will also have a virtual stage for performers to work in. 

Once you have that experience, you can walk around the building and watch performers perform.

And then the technology will let you interact with the performance, too, with the characters, with other characters, and with the environment.

The technology allows you to interact with any piece of the play or the environment in VR. 

As the performance technology evolves, Valk said, they’re also planning to expand The ART’s capabilities to include live performance from around the world.

Vale, the company that created the tech, has worked closely with The Art’s creators to create the technology.

The Play House has a long history of being a premier venue for the New Orleans-based company, and Valk has been a big part of that history. 

We worked very closely with [The Playhouse] and the director of the Play House to make this technology as immersive as possible.

We wanted to make it as realistic as possible, and that’s been something that we’ve done throughout the production.

Valleys goal with the technology is to bring a sense that it is a place where you are able to feel and experience all the things happening, and you can actually feel the performance going on. 

“We hope this technology helps create a sense and an environment where people can feel a connection with the world,” Valk continued.

“I hope this creates a community of actors that are able, in a way, to experience a whole other kind of world.”

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