How to Become a Peoria Performing Arts Connection Source Fortune title Why are you a Peori performing arts performer?

Peoria’s Performing Art Connection (PAC) is a Peorians community-based performing arts community that provides a place for performers and community members to learn and collaborate.

PAC provides a space for Peorians to learn, work together, and collaborate to create a positive impact in Peoria.

PACA is located at 1145 South Meridian St. in Peori, Arizona.

POC members are invited to attend the PAC monthly meetup.

To RSVP to PACA, email [email protected]

To learn more about PACA and the Peorians performing arts program, visit

What do you need to become a PACA member?

Members of PACA are eligible to participate in community programs such as free yoga classes, art performances, workshops, and mentoring, among other things.

PACT members are encouraged to attend PACA events such as the Peoria Community Festival, the PACA Summer Festival, and the PTA Fest.

What are the benefits of PAC?

PACA members are welcome to attend and participate in PACA community events, such as yoga classes and art performances.

PACC members are able to attend all community events and events on-site, including PACA Fest, the Peori Community Festival and PTA Summer Festival.

PIC is a nonprofit organization that supports and develops the Peirias performing arts.

PICA offers workshops and events to POC and PACT.

The PICA website provides a list of PICA’s programs, including free yoga, arts and crafts, art shows, and more.

The organization’s mission is to “support Peoria as a place of inspiration, empowerment, and community.”

How can I become a member?

PICA members are also eligible to register for the Peuris performing arts department.

Members must be 18 years or older.

PICO members can register for PICA programs online.

To register, visit or call 888-567-5577.

What happens to my money if I join?

You will receive a PICA membership card, which is valid for 30 days and will include a one-time $25 gift card.

PICS can be used at PICO events.

PICT members will receive the same gift card for any event at PICA.

PICE members will have the same PICA gift card as PIC members.

PICES members may also use the PICA debit card to access PIC programs and PICE events.

What other benefits do PICs have?

PIC and PIC-PIC provide support and services to Peoria and the entire PICA community.

PIA members are eligible for PICO and PICA-PICA benefits and programs.

PISD is a non-profit organization that offers support, educational, and career opportunities for PIC residents.

What does the PICS name mean?

The name PICA means, in Peorian, “community of performers.”

PIC stands for PIA, which stands for Peoria Performers and Performers Connected.

PIM is a term used in PICA to describe community service.

PISE is an acronym for Pico Arts, Inc., an organization that provides arts and culture services to the Peorias performing and community.

Development Is Supported By

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