‘I Can’t Stop My Heart’: Devine’s Devine performing art

The Dubliner and singer has been performing for nearly two decades.

In 2016, Devine opened up about her personal struggles with depression and bipolar disorder.

Now, she’s releasing her first solo album ‘I can’t Stop my Heart’, which is available on iTunes.

Devine has been writing, recording and performing in the studio since the early 1990s.

Her first single ‘My Life’, recorded for the BBC Radio 1 Classic Rock series ‘The Devine Show’, went to number two in Ireland in 2003.

The track became a number one hit in the UK, while her debut album ‘My Heart’, released in 2005, reached number five.

Devines latest album is a collaboration with American producer Matt Nathanson, who also worked on her 2014 album ‘A Place in My Head’.

Devine says that it’s important to listen to her music for the first time, in order to ‘explore and understand the journey’ that she’s taken in her life.

‘I have this album, ‘Devine’, that I’m releasing now, and I’m going to go on tour and I just need a few days to let it sink in,’ Devine told RTE Radio 1.

‘There are certain songs that are the most intimate and the most tender.

And those are songs that I haven’t released before.

They’re really special and I want to be able to put those out and to play them live and just listen to them live.’

‘Deviner’ is available for purchase now on iTunes and will be released on November 17.

Deviner has also revealed that she plans to release a number of albums in the future, which will be recorded and mixed with producers and recorded at her home studio in Dublin.

‘This will be my first album in 10 years and I feel like it’s going to be the biggest album ever, if not the biggest ever,’ Devines co-host Michael McIntyre said.

‘She is going to have a lot of great music on there.

‘And I think it’s something that I think she’ll be able really embrace, because there’s a lot going on behind the scenes of the production of this record.

She’s very good at getting her hands dirty, she likes mixing things together, and she likes taking things from a good song and making it into something more.’

Devine previously told Radio 1 that she doesn’t know when her next album will be finished.

‘It’s going in, but I don’t know.

I don, I don.

It’s not on my to-do list,’ Devini said.

The Devine show airs every Thursday night on RTE and features interviews with Devine and other Irish artists.

Devina also recently opened up to the RTE Morning Show about the stigma around mental health.

‘People think you’re a nutjob, but you don’t really need to be an idiot to know that people think that,’ Devina said.

She added that ‘I’m trying to help people understand the world through art.’

The show is available now on Rte Radio 1 and can be heard on RTV1 at 11.30am.

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