Luna Performances on the road: The story behind the songs

Luna performers have been performing for more than a century, and they’re doing it in a unique way.

They use traditional dance techniques such as the footwork of the dancer, the hand motions of the performer and the movements of the audience, which are all based on the elements of the landscape, said Luna artist and musician Elisa Chitos.

“It’s a kind of a mix of classical, modern and traditional.

It’s a lot of elements,” she said.

There are several traditional dance forms that are practised by the Luna performers.

Luna performers perform in the field in different ways and styles, and many of the songs are variations on traditional dance movements, which include the heel strike and the step and loop.

The performance is usually at a local theatre or a cultural centre, and Luna performer and musician Joao Nogueira has been performing since his childhood.

Nogueira said he had performed his first Luna performance in 1987.

He was inspired by his grandmother, who taught him the traditional dance.

In 2002, he moved to the town of Luta da Silva, in the northeastern Brazilian state of Para, to perform at a public gathering.

“I didn’t know how to sing.

I wanted to be a teacher, so I went to my grandmother and she taught me the traditional dances,” he said.

“I studied the dances of the village and I learned to dance in the traditional way.

I was inspired to make my own dances.”

Nogesas favourite form is the heel-strike, where he moves his body towards the stage to strike the ground.

For more than 30 years, Nogueiras performances have been widely performed, and he said that the popularity of his art had spread to other towns and cities.

“There are many Luna performers all over Brazil and we are still performing in a small way,” he added.

But some of his friends, who had previously never performed, have changed their routines and started performing with their friends and family.

“My mother is a Luna performer, she is a very good Luna performer,” said Joao.

As well as performing, Luna performers also have their own musical instruments.

“They have a violin, a piano and they also sing and play traditional songs,” said Elisa.

Elisa is a vocalist, singer and guitarist and performs in the same style as her grandmother, which she said she learnt from her grandmother.

Joao also uses traditional music as a tool to perform in traditional dances, and said he was inspired from his grandfather, who performed in traditional dance styles.

“He was a Luna singer and he had a very traditional style, he was a singer, so it’s a very natural style for me,” he explained.

“When I was a kid I was always dancing, I was doing the dance, I knew how to play it, I liked it.”

For many Luna performances, the performers are invited to take part in a festival, such as a carnival, and the performances take place in public places.

It’s not just the performers who are performing, but the audience also plays a major role.

To give a glimpse of the community spirit of the Luna community, Joao said that his family has been able to travel to many places across Brazil to perform for the community.

One of his favourite places to perform was Luta de Santa Maria, a village in Para state, where the traditional dancers were invited to perform.

“We had the opportunity to go to Luta, we had an incredible experience,” he told

Another favourite is Luta dos Trabalhas, a traditional village near Para city.

At the festival, Luna performer Joao performs in a traditional way, which includes the heel striking and the looping of the hand.

“The people who come to perform are very passionate, and it’s important to perform,” he agreed.

When asked what Luna performers want to see the world be like in 20 years, João said he wanted to see more traditional music, with more traditional dances.

“People should come and dance in a more traditional way in the streets and at home, with a little more of a social dimension,” he concluded.

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