How the Creighton University Choir and the University of Kansas were able to produce a great performance of the American anthem as part of their commencement ceremony

The University of Iowa has been recognized as the top performing arts institution in the country, and it’s no surprise to hear that the choir’s performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at commencement was something of a classic.

The Kansas University Choirs Choir performed the song during the ceremony on Monday at the University in Lawrence.

The Kansas University Band and its conductor, Ken Loehr, were joined by the Choir of the Kansas State University Chorale and the Kansas City Area Chamber Choir.

The band, which has been performing “The Stars and Stripes” since 1851, performed the anthem at commencement ceremonies since the mid-20th century, including the March 2017 graduation ceremony at Kansas State.

The school also held the March 17, 2018 graduation ceremony for the University’s College of Science and Technology.

“When we saw the video of the Choirs performance, we were excited.

It was a really great moment and a really unique moment for us,” said Brian McFarland, dean of the KU School of Music.

“We wanted to do something unique and something that was unique to the university and a moment that was a little bit special for us.

And to be able to share that moment with our graduates and students, we really felt we had to do that.”

The performance was not only one of the best things the Choiths performed at commencement but also one of their best ever.

The choir is one of two in the U.S. to perform the national anthem during commencement ceremonies.

The other is the University Chorus.

The Choirs performances have been held at many universities in the past, including Brown University, Yale, and Penn State.

McFarion said they were surprised by the turnout.

“When you have a song that is the national emblem of the country and of the world and a song, it’s going to be heard,” he said.

“But, we have performed it at graduation ceremonies and we are very proud to have performed that song.””

The Kansas City Chorales Choir also performed “The STAR-SPAGED BOWL” at the graduation ceremony in 2019. “

But, we have performed it at graduation ceremonies and we are very proud to have performed that song.”

The Kansas City Chorales Choir also performed “The STAR-SPAGED BOWL” at the graduation ceremony in 2019.

Mcfarion said the song was an easy choice for the Choorts performance.

“We think the music was so great, it was so unique, and to perform a song from the American war that is so important in our country and so significant in the world is just a tremendous honor for us, for the Kansas University Choral Chorus and for all of us, the Choort of the University and the Choart of the State University,” he added.

“That’s what it is.

It’s a very special moment.”

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