How the Creighton University Choir and the University of Kansas were able to produce a great performance of the American anthem as part of their commencement ceremony

The University of Iowa has been recognized as the top performing arts institution in the country, and it’s no surprise to hear that the choir’s performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at commencement was something of a classic.The Kansas University Choirs Choir performed the song during the ceremony on Monday at the University in Lawrence.The Kansas […]

Which shows have the best shows?

It’s easy to see how the world’s best performing arts hubs are competing for a spot in the top five.But what’s the best performing art venue?Here’s what we found.1.Los Angeles County Museum of Art: LACCA has a great reputation for bringing in top talent and bringing the world to your fingertips.With the help of the […]

‘Bachelor Party’ in the B&B ‘House of Horror’

The ‘Bachelorette’ star’s new reality show, “Bachelor Parties,” is set to premiere on the Disney Channel on Feb. 23.The new show will follow “Bachelorettes” contestant Ryan Seacrest and his new bride-to-be, Emily Gwynne, who will compete for the first time on the reality competition show.The contestants will have to compete against each other in various […]

How to create a ‘Vulture Art’ show with avant-garde painting

An avant garde performance art show in Coventry?What if we’re talking about the city’s own Coventry Art Museum? The answer is to use a new gallery on site at Coventry’s Art Gallery of Wales. It’s called Puppet Show and will run from April 6 to 21, featuring a vulture painting by Rolando Martins (left), Coventry Art Gallery’s Rafael López, Sally McAlpine (right), Dylan Warkent, and Raphael Sánchez. They’ll be selling paintings by Piguel Paz, Luis […]

Why do nude performance art pieces are so popular?

Nude performance arts are often described as “the art of stripping.”They’re often performed by performers who are completely nude or in some cases they’re clothed and performing in a manner that has been described as an art form.They’re performed in public or in private, in public spaces and sometimes in a public setting like a […]

How to get kids to watch their favorite Disney princesses

Disney Princesses are beloved and beloved by children.They’ve become part of their childhood.And the more kids know about them, the more they enjoy them.“Disney Princesses have been around for many years,” says John Stott, a professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.“We’re not talking about some new breed of baby.We’re talking about an […]

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